Whether you are recording in real-time at a lecture, interview or another important event, transcription requires high levels of patience, an active listening ear and definitive accuracy. Thankfully, many transcription services offer personalized packages to equip you with quality transcribed material to support you throughout your studies.

Utilizing transcription services can be an extremely resourceful and time-saving method – especially if you are studying or need to transcribe important information for business purposes – but there is a lot more to the technique of transcription than might first seem apparent. If you no longer have the time to transcribe all of your research and documents then read-on to find out about all of the methods and benefits that transcription services can provide.


Transcription is a method of transforming live or recorded speech into a tangible, written document. Across a range of fields, transcription services are incredibly valuable as they transcribe your recording and save time by providing you with reliable, archived resources that you can regularly refer back to. Start transcription now!

If you have access to a recording device such as a mobile phone or a digital voice recorder then you can use this as your starting point. Later, you can upload and listen to the content that you need to transcribe. How you go about this depends on whether you want to use a transcription software or do it manually. Either way, start transcribing now.

A decent pair of headphones is a prerequisite, as you will not only have to record every word that you hear, but you will also need to be able to record non-verbal communication too. With access to quality headphones, software and foot pedals, transcription services can provide both speedy and accurate results. For more information about performing your own transcription, take a look at our blog article ‘How to Transcribe an Interview’.

On average, without the use of transcription services, it can take around 4-6 hours to transcribe 1 hour of material; however, the amount of time that it takes to transcribe can largely depend upon your level of experience and expertise and the quality of the recording. If you don’t have time for this, there’s transcription software online that can do the job for you and cut the amount of time required in half.

Depending upon the transcription guidelines you are following, it is not always necessary to include filler words, false starts or incomprehensible content when you transcribe; however, it is always important to check the exact criteria of your transcription guide and transcription services as a verbatim transcription service rarely omits any content. If you use a transcription software, you will be able to choose the types of transcription. The type of transcription that you’re required to use will also depend on if you’re converting audio to text or video to text.

The Benefits


Save time

By relying on trained transcription services experts or professional transcription software, you will have much more time available to focus on important tasks such as researching and revising.

Once your notes and the information that you need has been produced by transcription services, you will then have permanent access to your well-polished and accurate notes during the course of your studies.


Get a high-quality transcript

Your time at university or college can be extremely hectic with so many deadlines for assignments, let alone trying to find time to transcribe your array of notes. By using one of the many available transcription services, you can rest assured that you will receive a polished document with no grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.

Plus, out of the many transcription services that you opt for – whether verbatim transcription services, intelligent verbatim services or edited transcription services – there are reliable transcription services that will be able to transcribe and type at a speed twice as fast as what you are able to do.

Three Ways to Transcribe

Verbatim Transcription

With verbatim transcription services, every single element of the recording is transcribed, unless the guide specifies otherwise: this includes intonation, any non-verbal or unrecognizable sounds, and an immaculate use of punctuation. Transcribing in this style is often considered one of the most complex, as transcription services have to include every nuance.

Intelligent Verbatim

Intelligent verbatim transcription services differ from verbatim transcription services in that some of the wording is paraphrased, irrelevant errors might be removed, and clear editing is applied. Most commonly, intelligent verbatim transcription services are used for business recordings, although they might be applied across various other sectors too.

Edited Transcription

When it comes to edited transcription services, these documents are renowned for being flawless: from the perfected English to the meticulous spelling and grammar checks, edited transcription services will remove false starts, pauses, fillers and any other superfluous information.

The Differences 

Collectively, all three types of transcription services focus on capturing the spoken word concisely and correctly. The differences lie in adjustments, such as whether you need to alter slang into standard English or remove repeated words – along with other punctuation and grammar checks. Independently, some transcription services’ guidelines may vary based on their in-house style guides.

Transcription Services: Thesis

Without the stress of having to complete all of your research and recording interviews and lectures, having the luxury of an eclectic range of transcription services means that you have one less thing to worry about.

As your thesis will consist of quality research that will include notes, recorded interviews and lectures, PowerPoints and presentations, the vast majority of transcription services will transcribe all of these documents for you. All that you are responsible for is ensuring that you have uploaded the correct documents to the transcription services so that you can save hours of your time by investing in a reliable source to transcribe your work.

Many transcription services have extremely fast turnaround times –some will even return the work back to you in twenty-four hours. Accredited sites will assure you that they have 99.9 % – 100 % accuracy and even offer personalized formats unique to universities and colleges. Even if you are familiar with how to transcribe all of your interviews, why not invest your time more wisely and rest assured that you will receive a thoroughly checked document?


Audio To Text Converter

Use the convenience of an audio to text converter for your interviews. It’s a time-saving tool for all college students in the fields of social science, liberal arts or other areas that work with surveys and interviews.

In a Nutshell

From looming deadlines to the assurance that all of your research will be transcribed and presented neatly and accurately, choosing to invest in a transcription service means that you will be able to spend your own study time much more efficiently, so that you can get the best possible grade.

When it comes to having to transcribe your notes, there is a lot that you need to take into account regarding the transcription style that you follow, the language of transcription – for example, when to correctly insert [sic] into your document – applying and proofreading grammar, spelling and punctuation, and all while maintaining a regular typing pace. Transcribing can be a very multifaceted task, which is why utilizing professional transcription services couldn’t be a wiser choice.

Before you contact transcription services, it is always a good idea to find out if your university would like evidence of your transcribed notes and if you need to adhere to one of the three transcription styles. Once you have this information, you are free to leave your research in the capable hands of a transcription service, thereby freeing up your time and letting you be more productive!