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Editing PLUS Services

Our Editing PLUS service comprises formal correction and stylistic revision of your Bachelor’s thesis or Master’s thesis, or any other type of academic work – we’ll take your work to the next level. As part of our Editing PLUS service, our proofreaders and editors first check your work for grammar, spelling and punctuation. In addition, our Editing PLUS services include optimizing your Bachelor’s thesis or Master’s thesis in terms of expression and style. For those who want more for their work, we also offer a logical flow check and structure check as an additional package with our Editing PLUS service.


Proofreading Services

In addition to the Editing PLUS services, you can also opt for classic proofreading as a single service. As part of our proofreading service, we’ll review your work from A-Z, checking and making corrections to spelling, punctuation, spelling consistency, double or missing spacing, footnotes, chapter headings, and grammar. This is the absolute top seller for those who have always had difficulty putting commas in the right places. Our goal is not only to make you happy, but also your examiner! So use the BachelorPrint proofreading services for your work and take your thesis to the next level!


Correction Quick Check

With our correction quick check service, you’ll find out at a glance whether your work is stylistically correct or whether there is room for improvement. How does it work? Just select any three pages from your work that you would like to have checked by our proofreaders for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. With the result of the correction quick check, you’ll know exactly where your work is at and, if necessary, you can intervene before errors are made in the finished product. Well, if that’s not a service!


Cover Page Check

Many eyes see more than two. The cover page check makes sure that the examiner’s first impression of your work is not overshadowed by unnecessary spelling mistakes on the cover page. With this proofreading service, we examine your cover page right down to the smallest detail and check formatting, resolution of the institution logo, student ID number, and the submission date. For only AU$ 22.90, we’ll put your cover page in the fast lane within 24 hours. You wouldn’t believe how often these mistakes remain unseen until it reaches the examiner….


In a nutshell, proofreading includes a general grammar and spelling check, whereas editing includes a phase in which your academic work is optimised in terms of structure, flow and style. If you’re confident that your writing is consistent and flows well, then all you need is a proofread. However, if you have great grammar skills, but you’re not so great in expressing yourself, then you may need an editor. Head over to the online editing and proofreading services to check it out!

For editing and proofreading online, you can submit your bachelor’s thesis, master’s thesis, dissertation, essay and more. Any type of academic paper can be transformed by our expert editors and proofreaders. You will have you academic work back in your hands before you know it.

Yes! We offer proofreading and editing in multiple languages and your academic work will always be looked at by a native speaker. Transform your paper with expert editing and proofreading in almost any language.

There are many editors and proofreaders online, offering their services through a company or as freelancers. However, deciding which one to pick can be a challenge. The person or company you choose to edit your academic work should have experience with working on these types of documents. You should always thoroughly read their website so that you know about the costs of the editing services, their editing process and whether it aligns with what you’re looking for. In the end, if you’re not happy with the changes they made, always get a second opinion.

Editing:  Your writing style and use of expressions will be optimized. Spelling, grammar and punctuation will be checked. Once the first editor has edited your work, the second editor will begin editing to ensure consistency.

Proofreading: In proofreading, the focus is on spelling, grammar and punctuation. You will also receive some tips about how you can further improve your academic work.

Useful for you: Difference between editing and proofreading

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The Difference

Many students wonder which service is right for them: editing or proofreading? The answer totally depends on your individual language skills. Some people still have problems finding the right words, but are great at spelling and punctuation. Others have trouble in the formal areas, but can perfectly express themselves. To answer this question, we compare and contrast our proofreading and our Editing PLUS services. That way, every student will find the offer that suits him best! To the differences


Quality Standard

The quality standard of your editing and proofreading services is no less than making your work perfect. You’ve made every effort to make your work perfect, and that’s why we’ll do the same! Our team of highly qualified academic editors ensure that your work is further optimized. Because your success is our goal. And you´ll thank us for it! Do you want to take your academic work to the next level? You can read more about our quality standard for proofreading and editing here.



We’ll give you transparent information about the costs of and prices for different proofreading and editing services. Accordingly, the prices for different editing services are listed visually by package. For an even greater level of clarity, we have also put together examples for the proofreading & editing services you might be interested in. That way, every student can see how affordable the BachelorPrint editing and proofreading services are. To price overview


Academic  Services

Have your Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis, or PhD corrected by our professional editors and significantly improve your final grade. Our editing team consists exclusively of highly qualified academic editors, who as part of the proofreading and editing services, put your work under the microscope on the basis of sound academic principles.

BachelorPrint offers extensive editing services. This includes the comprehensive Editing PLUS service, comprising of a book structure check and logic flow check, a cover page check and a correction quick check and of course our proofreading service. In addition we offer you a professional plagiarism check. Use our academic Editing PLUS and proofreading services and upgrade your work, e.g. your Bachelor’s thesis, considerably. Because many eyes see more.

Proofreading & editing for

  • Bachelor’s thesis 
  • Master’s thesis
  • PhD thesis
  • Dissertation
  • Paper
  • Essay
  • Assignment
  • and much more!

Services at a Glance

Further info on proofreading services

A Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis should not only be correct in terms of content, but also free from mistakes. To make this respectable wish a reality, our proofreading service will put your work through its paces. In particular, we focus on spelling, grammar, punctuation, spelling consistency, double or missing spacing, chapter headings, and footnotes. In doing so, we guarantee that the quality standard of our work in the proofreading service is at least as high as the examiner’s for your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis. Learn more about our proofreading services

Further info on Editing PLUS services

Our Editing PLUS services comprise formal correction and stylistic revision of all types of academic work – so that your work can move into the fast lane. Our proofreaders and editors check your work for grammar, spelling, punctuation, spelling consistency, double or missing spacing, footnotes, and chapter headings. Furthermore, we’ll optimize your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis with regard to expression and style. For those who want to make even more of their work, we also recommend our structure check and logical flow check. To editing PLUS

Further info on correction quick check

A picture is worth a thousand words. As is a page with our correction suggestions. We put any three pages of your Bachelor’s thesis or Master’s thesis, or other academic work, to the test and check spelling and punctuation, as well as grammar, so that you can make changes before mistakes are printed and take away from the good impression of you work. Play it safe and have your Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis, or dissertation quickly checked. You’ll soon know if a proofreading service or full editing service would be worthwhile for your work. Request offer

* We charge a $15 service fee for each correction order.

The BachelorPrint quality standard: Success for your work

Our quality standard for all services across editing and proofreading services is no less than making your work perfect!

You have given it your all to make your work perfect, so we’ll do the same! Our team of highly qualified academic editors ensure that your work will be further optimized. Our aim is your success.

And you´ll thank us! That’s because our Editing PLUS customers appreciate that we, along with our professional editors, want to get the best out of your work.

Do you want to take your work to the next level? Then send us an email to [email protected]. We’ll help you from there!

Important information

We want to offer you the best possible service for your work. Whether an assignment, a Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis, paper, or dissertation, we offer a high standard of quality.

The following tips are therefore particularly important for us to be able to offer you the best possible result in our Editing PLUS and proofreading services:

  • Please always submit your request for our proofreading services with the work’s submission date. This makes it easier for us to adjust the correction time to your work.
  • Please always send us your work as a Word or OpenOffice file, not as a PDF! Only with this format can we make the corrections directly in your academic paper.
  • Whether you opt for our Editing PLUS services or our proofreading service, you should always have a plagiarism check done first. This only takes 30 minutes and means other important changes can be made before the correction service.
  • With BachelorPrint Editing PLUS and proofreading services, you get double the service for the same price because you’ll receive two documents back. In the first document, the corrections are given as annotations in the text. In the second document, the changes are already incorporated into the text. That way you save yourself the arduous task of having to make the changes yourself.
  • If you’ve opted for our Editing PLUS service but your work doesn’t require any linguistic or stylistic revision, but just a few formal corrections, we’ll contact you and instead recommend a proofreading service for your work.
  • If you request a proofreading service, but your work still requires improvements in terms of expression and style, we’ll inform you. You can then decide whether you would like the Editing PLUS services for your work.
  • Tip: Professional and detailed editing takes a week depending on the size and amount of work involved. If this duration clashes with your submission date, we’ll do our best to still correct your work as much as possible.
  • We always respect a holistic way of working because it’s only when all components are perfect that your Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis or other academic work can be a success. So if you’ve requested a cover page check, but your work still requires further correction, we will of course inform you.

Additional Correction Services


Online plagiarism checker for Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis ~ within 30 mins

Every author of an academic paper has a responsibility to not commit any copyright infringement. We therefore recommend that before requesting a BachelorPrint editing or proofreading service, you have a plagiarism check performed. Our software based plagiarism checker scans your academic work, such as a Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis, or doctoral thesis, for plagiarism and provides detailed results. The plagiarism software compares your work to millions of sources and published academic papers. Within just 30 minutes, you will receive a detailed PDF test report. Be on the safe side and don’t leave your academic career to chance. Many have been surprised by the result of their plagiarism check …

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